Deerly Beloved Blanket – Crochet Pattern

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I am beyond excited with my latest crochet pattern, the Deerly Beloved Blanket! The Deerly Beloved Blanket is a unique design, full of rich texture. It features the popular deer silhouette that  gives you that “warmth of home” or a “weekend at the cabin” feel. This blanket is a show stopper that everyone is going to love.

Deerly Beloved Blanket

The Deerly Beloved Blanket has a very detailed frame. The fram features twisting cables and a n eye catching pattern. The corner pieces have a touch of whimsical charm in a circle pattern that also features textured raised cables.

I have been in love with Lion Brand Heartland yarn and found the Grand Canyon color to be the perfect weight and color for the Deerly Beloved Blanket. I used Caron Simply Soft in White for the background. The richness in the frame of the blanket is ideally paired with a striking white mat and perfectly placed silhouette of a deer.

Deerly Beloved Blanket

The details of the pattern are explained in detail, but to assist you along your way, I have created a video tutorial that is linked in the pattern. The video will walk you through the panels step by step. The main silhouette panel is a chart, you need to be familiar with fair isle crochet.

You can get your copy of the Deerly Beloved Blanket on the following sites: Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy

Enjoy the pattern for 40% off through November 11, 2016 on Ravelry only. The code “DeerlyBeloved” must be entered at checkout to receive the promotion.

I know you will enjoy crocheting this masterpiece. Seeing it come to life as you work all the pieces and sew them together is so rewarding. I would love to see your final project. Please link it up as a Raverly project or share it on my facebook page.

If you are excited about this blanket and want to stay up to date on new patterns, sales, and just have fun with a crochet community follow me by email. Simply sign up under my photo in the upper right side of the blog. And then join me on facebook for a more interactive experience.

13 thoughts on “Deerly Beloved Blanket – Crochet Pattern

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  2. Terri

    I really love your video! Is there , by chance, a lefthanded version? I can understand the righthanded one, but would love your videos lefthanded as well. I have been crocheting for aboUT 45 years and am always looking for new textures. I really want to try this one someday. 😎

  3. Kimberley

    I am having the hardest time with the panels. I have followed the pattern and video 4 or 5 times and I always end up with stitches left at the end of this first part of the video. its making me crazy

  4. Tina Russell

    I’m so excited to try this for my hubby. I’ve made afghans for all my kids and grands. Now it’s his turn.

  5. Kelly Logan

    Do you have a video for the border rounds? The panels went fine and so did the chart but I can’t understand where the hdc stitches go or from which direction I’m to insert the hook on the second row of the border before attaching the side panels. I’ve tried multiple times but it just doesn’t look right no matter what I do.

        1. SweetPotato3 Post author

          Did you watch the video tutorial? If you watch that and follow the pattern it should be the most help. If you are still having troubles send me an email and I’ll do my best to help you out.

  6. Laurie Ann Grant

    This may sound crazy -i bpught thos pattern tomake for my husband for Christmas -ihave been trying for six weeks just to do the graph and keep ending up with the worlds oddest looking buck. Ihave frogged it so many times-i have years of crochet experience but i just can’t seem to figure out the graph properly -is there a chance you have a video or counts for the graph as enlarging the pattern distorted the graph-i even tried redoing the graph. I just don’t know why it’s not working for me and any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you
    Laurie Ann Grant


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