Farm Animal Blanket Crochet Pattern

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The much anticipated Farm Animal Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern is now ready!!!
An amazing blanket that any child would be lucky to receive. It features 12 different farm animals in a fun and colorful pattern that is a joy to make, it will remind you of the good ol’ days on the farm. The character in the stitches throughout the design is enough to add to the animals but not be too distracting. 
The blanket is made up of different shaped motifs and sewn together. Each main motif is designed to feature a different animal. Or you can make just your one favorite animal, alternate with two animals, or leave them all blank for polka dots, the possibilities are endless. Switch up the main colors for so many different looks.
The animals featured in the blanket are:
Cow, Horse, Sheep
Dog, Chicken, Goat
Donkey, Pig, Bull
Rooster, Cat, Bunny
This is also a great project to use up some scrap yarn while you create the fun animals. 
Grab your copy of the Farm Animal Baby Blanket on:

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