How to Invisibly Attach a Crochet Applique

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Do you dread sewing on a crochet applique? It is so much work and can be difficult to get the applique on right. And to make matters worse, the back of your project can get all messed up.

Well not anymore!

Sewing on Applique

I have put together a tutorial on how to sew on a crochet applique and leave the back of your project flawless. That is right, no fibers or pulling of the background. This technique will leave your project looking professional and you’ll be so proud of the finishing touches!

The sample used in the tutorial above is my Farm Animal Blanket. This fun project pattern can be found on Ravelry / Etsy / Craftsy.

Farm Animal Blanket

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3 thoughts on “How to Invisibly Attach a Crochet Applique

  1. Nancy G

    Thank you! I have a pro football booster club order that involves applique horns. It’s gorgeous, but the inside….. I am so excited! Thanks again.

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