Flower Motif Blanket Pattern Release

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A beautiful flower motif pattern that works up so lovely in so many different ways. If you know my crocheting style you know that I don’t like sewing pieces together and a lot of color changes, but this pattern really was lovely to put together. The way I designed it was to make all the center pieces, then add the second color. Lastly you crochet the final rounds and as you do this you stitch the pieces together. No daunting task of hand sewing when you finish your last motif because it is done!
Get your copy of this lovely pattern in each of my etsy shops:
Please take a minute to notice that the edges are uneven along two sides. Upon the request of one of my pattern testers I did add a “half flower” pattern so you can even out the edges if you want to (but I did not include the detailed instructions on colors). Here is a sample of both edges:
Here are some fabulous images of the pattern tests that were completed. I asked the testers to be creative and make the blanket using as many or as few colors as they wish. Which is your favorite?
This beautiful version was completed by Nondas, owner of Yarn Medley’s From the Heart.
Nondas used 3 colors and made each motif the same and the final blanket is stunning!


The softness of this sample is so warm and inviting, this version was completed by
Sarah from Briar Rose Boutique. Sarah choose to make all the centers the same then complete the rest of the motifs using half blue and half pink and the outcome is beautiful.
This sample is in the works and I cannot wait to see it all done! Michelle decided to keep going once she finished the blanket, she is going to make it much bigger and has decided to use the motifs and make it into a shawl. I love the solid motifs with the border done with bold contrasting colors.


Another sample that just makes me smile! I love the brightness of the lime green and teal and the softness of the cream. Happy Dancing Willow always does such a nice job working up a fun version!


And one more version made with 3 colors but has a completely different look! Tanya from MaDukes Hook Up made all the centers the same then alternated the blue and yellow. This version makes me want to throw on some denim cut offs and go lay in a field of daisies!

Reversible Swaddle Pod Pattern Release

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 Wake up and see this lovely newborn photo prop!
The reversible swaddle pod is a fun new prop for your stash, plus it is like getting 2 props in one. One side features a beautiful raised ridge look (see image above and below). Simply turn it inside out and you have a knit look (see lower image in blog post). The reversible swaddle pod works up quickly and has a lot of stretch to get those babies nestled nice and comfy.
You can get your copy of the Reversible Swaddle Pod on:
Below are some more views of the difference in both sides of the pod:



3-in-1 Summer Wrap Pattern Release

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If you haven’t worked with this lovely yarn (Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable) this is a perfect project to get you hooked to the yarn. It is so soft and as you see the colors change within the pattern you fall in love with it. The 3-in1 Summer Wrap is a beautiful wrap that can be used as a traditional shawl, a swim suit cover up/wrap, or simply wrap it around your neck twice to create a lovely cowl. 

This crochet pattern comes with complete instructions for the 3-in1 Summer Wrap in a child size and an adult size.

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DIY Crochet Patch

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My daughter has the cutest capri’s that ended up with a snag / hole in them last weekend. I wasn’t sure how I was going to mend them without a big nasty patch. Then I was browsing Pinterest and ran across some cute pictures of triangular crochet motifs and then I knew just what to do!
I only had about half an hour to play around with this, I honestly thought I would just get it started and have to finish it later. But, once I grabbed thread (#10), crochet hook 2.75mm, scissors, liquid stitch it came together in under 20 minutes.
I tried to mimic one of the motifs (second one down in the right column) but I couldn’t quite make out what the pattern said. Plus once I got to round 3 I knew I wanted it small. I think it turned out pretty close, this design is not soley mine, but I will share how I made this motif.
Triangular Crochet Motif
Rnd 1: Ch 3, work all the following in the 3rd ch from your hook, dc, ch 2, (dc2tog, ch 2) repeat 4 more times, join in top of beg ch 2. You should have 6 dc clusters or petals.
Rnd 2: slst into next ch space, ch 2, work the following in the ch space (2dc, ch 5, 3dc), ch 1, hdc in next ch space, ch 1, [work the following in the next ch space (3dc, ch 5, 3dc), ch 1, hdc in next ch space, ch 1] repeat [] one more time.
Rnd 3: Ch 1, sc in top of next 2 sts, work 5sc in next ch space, sc in top of next 3 sts, sc in next ch space, sc in top of next st, sc in next ch space, (sc in top of next 3 sts, 5sc in next ch space, sc in top of next 3 sts, sc in next ch space, sc in top of next st, sc in top of next ch space) repeat again, join
Rnd 4: (ch 2, slst in next st), repeat round, join and fasten off.
To attach patch, I simple used the liquid stitch to adhere it over the patch.
My daughter is now very excited to wear her capri’s again!


Tool Belt Pattern Release

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Click the above image to see all the great design and join us!
The Tool Belt Pattern from Sweet Potato 3 Patterns.
This crochet pattern comes with complete instructions for the fun tool belt. This is a cute toy for those infants. It is soft available for newborn, 3-6 and 6-12 month sizes (tool belt only, the tools are all the same size). The handles of the hammer and screwdriver are self formed so no bulky stuffing. The tools are approximately 5 3/4″ – 6 1/2″ long. 
Available on:
Another option is to make the Tool Belt along with my Construction Hard Hat Pattern.


The Construction Set Pattern is available on:
A few more views of the tool belt: