Adding Fabric Labels to your Crochet Items

I started selling crochet hats over 3 1/2 years ago. I didn’t expect it to really take off. So, I just leisurely made them, and sold them. Well, to my surprise, today I am still selling crochet hats and am honored and excited every time someone orders one.

My 1st step to looking professional: adding Labels

 Now that I am confident my business will continue to grow, (plus the fact that I just signed on to sell at a local shop), I started looking into ways to be and look more professional. I decided the first step would be adding labels to my hats and other crochet items. I tried communicating with multiple shops about placing custom orders and turn around times. Turn around time was a minimum 3-4 weeks and I had a hard time just getting in contact with the owners.

Mad Mad Graphics

I turned to my facebook page and asked for recommendations. I started sending out inquiries. The first to reply was Melody from Mad Mad Graphics. Melody answered all my questions, was informative and had a very quick turn around (and I didn’t even tell her I was in a rush). She collected my information. I placed my order Thursday evening. Melody then shipped my order Friday, yes I said Friday!!! I received my labels from Mad Mad Graphics on Monday. The labels were just like the proof she sent me, very clear and high quality. I would highly recommend ordering your labels from Mad Mad Graphics and make sure to tell Melody that I recommended her. Make sure to follow her Mad Qeen Mother facebook page as well!

They arrived, now what? Prepping your labels

Many of my facebook fans have inquired about adding labels as well. Here is a step by step guide to how I used the labels. It also shows how easy it really is:

 The labels arrived within days of my order. I am still amazed at how quick Melody was at corresponding, designing, printing and shipping my labels. I had these labels in my mailbox within 4 days of my first message to her. Now that is 5 star service!

To quickly cut the tags out, I used my rotary cutter. This step only took about 5 minutes because there are markings on the fabric that shows you were to cut or align your cutting guide. I only cut them long ways, then turned to the scissors.

I cut the short edges of the labels by hand. This was also very quick but now my labels are cut and stored right next to my sewing machine and ready to add to any item I make.

UPDATE: the labels I ordered are 3/4″ wide X 1 1/2″ high

Sewing on the Labels: Machine or by Hand

When you are ready to sew them onto your hat just fold them in half. I ran my finger nails along the seam to help reinforce it. There is a paper backing that you need to take off before you sew so make sure to peel that off (I peeled it off after I folded them in half).

 Now was the big moment. Sewing the labels to your hats. This was a bit trickier than I thought it would be. You may want to practice on a couple crochet swatches before you go to the real thing. My first attempt I didn’t get the back of the label, but once I realized this I just remembered to double check before I began to sew each time.

*Note: some of my hats are made in a bulky yarn and do not fit through the sewing machine, I was able to hand sew the labels on just fine. This is an option for those that do not have a sewing machine.

Look how nice and professional my hats look now. I am excited to bring these hats to a local shop and start selling them. With any luck I would love to run into someone proudly wearing a My Sweet Potato 3 hat in downtown this fall or winter.

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Pants, Shorts and Suspender Pattern Release

After I release my last pattern (the fishing set), I had multiple requests for just the pants. Many of you already had the hat and just wanted to add to that pattern. So, I am releasing the pattern for the Pants, Shorts and Suspenders Set.
You can get the set on:
The pattern has instructions for the shorts (as pictured) and the pants and how to make the suspenders.
Pair the pants, shorts and suspenders with any hat for a completely adorable look. Here are some I have done in the past but the options are endless:





Diagonal Delights Baby Blanket Pattern Release

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard about it, and many of you entered to win a copy of it. 
Well, now it is ready to be released. 
The Diagonal Delights Baby Blanket
 Get your copy of this lovely pattern on:
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Fishing Set Pattern Release

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Another Boy Prop is ready for you!
The fishing set includes the pattern for the fishing hat, britches with suspenders, the fishing net and of course the fish on a string. The set has sizing for newborns, 3-6 months and 6-12 months.
The set is available on:
Many of you already have the fishing hat pattern so I am also offering the fishing net along with the fish in a separate pattern as well. 
You can find this option on:


Free Simple Crochet Basket Pattern

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Today I spent cleaning out my craft room. While I was going through my huge yarn stash I found a beautiful skein of super bulky yarn. It was so soft and the colors reminded me of spring. I knew I had to make something quick and fun and wanted it to be something useful. So the Simple Crochet Basket popped into my mind!
The Simple Crochet Basket was perfect to have on a stand and keep my current WIPs (works in progress). It is small enough to keep those small remnants of yarn, my hooks and project all just fit perfectly.
Simple Crochet Basket
With my Simple Crochet Basket done, it dawned on me {face to palm… duh}, this will work for an EASTER BASKET too! I am still not sure, why that idea didn’t pop into my head first, but, somethings, this is just how it works out.
Simple Crochet Basket
I mean seriously, it is too cute! The basket is only about 8″ across the bottom. So, this is especially perfect for a small display or a small child. I have mine sitting out right now next to my entry way.
The pattern is so basic and works up quick. I couldn’t keep it to myself. I want you to go dig through your stash and then head over and grab your copy of the Simple Crochet Basket for
FREE! Get it on Raverly or Craftsy now.
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 Simple Crochet Basket  Simple Crochet Basket

Golfer Set Pattern Release

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The biggest request I get for new patterns is
“Boy Stuff”
Well, how about this darling little Golfer Set…
This adorable pattern comes in sizes for:
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
You can get the pattern on:
This crochet pattern comes with complete instructions for this adorable Golf Set. The pattern has instructions for the Golfers Cap, Bow Tie with an adjustable neck band, Britches that fall just below the knee and suspenders. The pattern has the following sizes: NEWBORN, 3-6 MONTH & 6-12 MONTH. Sizing is difficult at this age, I used average sizes and the sizing has been tested but I recommend taking measurements if possible.
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